Cloud Services Now Available

I now have a cloud service that I am running with NextCloud.  Please contact me if you are in need of some space in the cloud.  The service can be reached at  There is also an App available for your desktop and your mobile device.

Unsolicited Emails From This Domain

Please be advised that any unsolicited email that claims to be from this domain are fake. Sadly it is really easy to claim you are sending an email from any domain you want so people think it is comeing from someone else. If it's not from Me it's fake.

Very Excited for Melissa Zaslow and Thomas Burke's Wedding on 04/20/2012

I am very excited to be attending my sister-in-law Melissa's wedding to Thomas Burke on 04/20/2012.  Melissa meeting her true love is something Katelin and I spoke often about and to see it finally happened is truly something special.

Duke blows it big time


(15) Lehigh 75

(27-7, 11-3 Patriot)

(2) Duke 70

(27-7, 13-3 ACC)




UConn may be out of it this year and next but at least I got to see this.

Andy Adams at the Ice House in Pasadena

Andy Adams at the Ice House in Pasadena. I was there and It was a really good show. Funny story about that night. I didn't realize till I got the bill that I was on a date with his fiance.


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