Updated Work Schedule

I have updated my work schedule on this page.  I now have it set up so when I input it into my cell phone it is automatically updated on this web page.  If you are a member you will now be able to see when I am working.  I mainly did this for my Mommy as I know she likes knowing when she can call me.

Inkblots - All These Tales I Tell

New Inkblots video. If you look closely you can see me in the background as I was an extra for this video.

Inkblots - Smiling


Inkblots - Smiling

Good band worth checking out and I'm not just saying it because my boss is the drummer.

Video of Gample during UConn's 3rd National Championship



My New Home

I have found my new digs in Anaheim, CA.  It's 3 minutes from work which is great?  Follow this link to view pictures of the complex.  Follow this link to visit a comparison of the Anaheim area vs Stamford.


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